Dry Eye

Optometry Care for Dry Eyes

Do you experience the ill effects of dry irritated eyes? It could be brought about by a condition appropriately named Dry Eye Disorder. While this condition may appear to be vexing at its worst, it can turn into an extreme issue when left unaddressed. The capable, caring staff at Strohecker Vision Care comprehends Dry Eye, its causes, and how to treat it. We have given quality eye care to the greater Mansfield area for years and we can help you as well.

What Is Dry Eye?

At the point when the eyes cannot keep up satisfactory moisture levels, dry eye happens. This can be due to a lack of tears or an inability to deliver an adequate supply of tears. In any case, the eyes cannot dispose of residue and create dry eye symptoms, and if untreated, cause serious complications.

Tears have three layers: a sleek external layer, an internal layer with a mucus-like texture, and the watery center layer. Clogging, inflammation, and other issues in the glands in charge of producing and releasing these components create the perfect conditions for dry eye.

Symptoms & Causes the Eye Doctor Checks

There are a number of indicators an eye doctor looks for when dry eye is suspected. Among the most common symptoms of dry eye are blurred vision, a burning sensation, itching, light sensitivity, swollen red lids, and the feeling that there is something in your eye.

In addition, there are several causes of dry eye. Some of the more common and simple include environmental irritants such as dust, allergies, or the over-exposure to a heat source, wind, or dry air. In addition, self-inflicted dry eye can occur by not blinking enough, staring at an electronic screen for extended periods, and/or overuse of long-term wear contacts.

Furthermore, certain medical treatments and medications can trigger dry eye. Among those treatments are hormone replacement therapy and LASIK eye surgery. The medications that can lead to dry eye include birth control pills, antidepressants, nasal decongestants, and antihistamines.

Optometry Dry Eye Treatment

To avoid the onset of more serious problems, it is essential to receive appropriate dry eye treatment. The first step is proper diagnosis and understanding of your unique presentation of this condition. Once our trained optometry team understands your condition, we can recommend a course of treatment to help you find long-lasting relief from the irritation of dry eye. These may include specially formulated eye drops, adjustments to lifestyle habits, addressing underlying conditions, and/or treatments to unclog blocked tear glands. Our optometrist can help you find relief today.