Eye Exams

Eye Exams from Strohecker Vision Care

Without having proper vision, it would be extremely difficult doing normal, everyday things. Furthermore, if our eyes aren’t working correctly, it can cause extremely dangerous driving conditions and missed opportunities for the times that matter most. With all that being said, it’s vital that we have routine eye exams to ensure that our vision is working correctly. If you go years without seeing an optometrist for an exam, you could risk developing vision issues for many years to come. If you’re searching for an optometry specialist in Mansfield or the surrounding area, then be sure to contact Strohecker Vision Care today!

Woman Getting An Eye Exam

Why See the Optometrist Annually?

Some people go decades without seeing an eye care expert and their vision is just fine. While it depends on the person, eye problems can happen at any time. However, as we get older, eye exams become even more important given the changes that occur with our vision. As we age, our eyes experience the following changes:

  • Our vision requires more light
  • Light is more scattered, causing glare
  • Colors start to look different
  • Your tear production will decrease

Since our eyes will go through these various changes as we get older, that means you should never skip your annual checkup. If you decide to neglect these important optometry visits, you could miss those precious moments with your grandkids that you’ll never get back. To ensure healthy vision for life, contact Strohecker Vision Care for your next appointment!

Common Vision Problems As We Age

As discussed previously, our vision starts to get worse with age. As that might mean that you have to get contacts or glasses, it could also mean that you have to get surgery or another treatment option. This shows even greater importance to why everyone should get an annual checkup for their vision. As we age, it’s best to understand the common vision conditions out there. These include:


This condition leads to cloudy eyes and blurred vision. This is a very common condition for those over the age of 65.


This condition causes increased pressure on the eyeball. Over time, this can cause pain and gradual loss of sight. 

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

This condition affects your central vision, where it might be difficult to detect color and fine detail. 

Ocular Hypertension

This condition also has to do with added pressure to the eye, and this condition can be a precursor to glaucoma. This condition is pretty rare, and it mostly affects those over 40.